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Why you need a Lifestyle Care Plan?

As we age, our ability to live and care for ourselves will decline. Many of us will require and depend on others to assist and care for us.

Virtually all professional care providers are required, by law, to develop and implement what is commonly referred to as a "Care Plan" for people in their care. The intent of a care plan is to create a total picture of a person and guide caregivers in their treatment.

The reality is most care plans are directed largely at medical and physical problems. They are often standardized and generic, contain little or no input from anyone other than the staff creating them, and then filed away because the "hands-on" caregivers find little value in the information contained in the plan.

Every person who is the subject of a Care Plan (or their legal representative) has the legal right to be allowed input, access to and to assist in the formulation of that plan.

Medical needs are obviously important however, caring for a person is much more than treating an illness or injury. Meeting you needs for comfort, sense of well-being and quality of life is dependent upon a caregiver’s ability to know and understand you as a unique and whole individual.

The Lifestyle Care Plan provides a way for you to ensure that this critical information is available when you need it.

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