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"...I find this to be innovative and revolutionary. ...This plan would take these small details into account and improve patient care, quality of life and overall sense of well-being."

Michael Mazowiecki, M.D. Neurologist
Co-Director of North Colorado Memory Loss Center

"...It is a cutting edge tool in which the client's needs and desires are uniquely articulated... a powerful win-win solution!"

Gloria Blackmon, R.N.

"...Letting (caregivers) know about your life style preferences in advance can solve a lot of problems that pharmacists and doctors simply can't. It can also save a lot of money and grief."

James Lindon, Ph.D. Patent Attorney

"Lifestyle Care Planning fills the gap left by advance directives. ...It will be a powerful tool for any advocate or decision maker attempting to carry out another's wishes. ... Lifestyle Care Planning will raise the bar with respect to the quality of care an individual can expect."

Terry Ann Donner, R.N., J.D. Aging Matters LLC

"A wonderful and needed product to capture a person's life story and enhance the quality of care..."

David Troxel, Co-author, "The Best Friends' Approach to Alzheimer's Care"

"Our best wishes to you for success in your very worthy venture. You have an excellent product."

Kim Petersen, M.D. & Gail Petersen, Ph.D. ElderAdvocates

"The Lifestyle Care Plan is a tool to enable caregivers to be aware of the patient's personal care wishes should there be cognitive or communicative impairment. It is personal, comprehensive, professional and well researched. The end result is that caregivers do not have to guess at how best to facilitate the optimum comfort and health of the patient. They are aware of their likes, dislikes, previous life experiences, etc. in complete detail. There are many documented cases of disastrous results, including unnecessary drugging and even death, when this kind of information is not available. As a nurse myself, I can tell you that this will also improve staff efficiency and cost effectiveness."

Dody Wilhelm, R.N.

"I have used the Lifestyle Care Plan in my Elder Law Practice for many years, and have written about it in several of my best-selling books. I believe it should be an integral part of every client’s long-term care plan, and I therefore offer a Lifestyle Care Plan to all of my estate planning and elder law clients."

Evan H. Farr, CELA and Best-Selling Author
Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation

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