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Advance Care Planning, Inc. is proud to present the Lifestyle Care Plan!

We all have our own unique preferences for how we live.

How you live is something that only you know and understand.

Read Their Stories
Your values and beliefs.
What makes you comfortable or uncomfortable.
What you wear, what you drink, what you eat.
Music you love. When and how you sleep.
TV shows you love to watch.

What if. . .

  • you had to depend on others to make these things happen.
  • due to an accident, stroke, disease or Alzheimer's disease you had difficulty or were unable to communicate your preferences for living.
  • the people you rely upon do not know.

It happens. . .

  • every day untold numbers of people are living and dependent upon the care of others.
  • caregivers make decisions without knowing what is truly important and necessary to those they care for.
  • your preferences are critical to your well-being.

To you. . .

  • do not allow someone else's choices to be imposed upon you.
  • do not put your family in a difficult situation.

From our experience as professional caregivers, we know that specific and detailed information about an individual can have a positive and profound impact on quality of life. We also know that a lack of this knowledge frequently leads to devastating results. Don't let this crucial aspect of your life to chance.

Create your Lifestyle Care Plan today!

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